Put Your Field Data to Work to Improve Labor Productivity

Outfit your foremen with Rhumbix to go paperless in the field and spend more time with their crews. Equip the home office with Rhumbix to analyze and work hand-in-hand with foremen to optimize labor productivity.

Rhumbix Field Intelligence

An app and web interface to collect, analyze, and optimize labor productivity for owners, general contractors, and subcontractors. A single source of truth that integrates with a variety of ERP systems.


17 The average number of notes reported per user per week in real time


30 Seconds—the average amount of time spent by a Foreman inputting a timecard for each crew member


22.2 The number of times users view their company dashboards per week to get critical project insights



100% The percentage of clients surveyed had an improved Foreman morale around timekeeping entries and tasks

The Rhumbix Journey

Successful construction companies are always looking for ways to improve labor productivity. At Rhumbix we know it’s a process that touches on many different parts of your business. We’ve built a tried-and-true method to adopt Rhumbix and get the best results.


Digitize & Standardize
Field Data

Outfit your foremen with an easy-to-use mobile app to collect field data

  • Track time and production and add notes, photos, and more
  • Foremen spend less time on paperwork, more time with crews
  • Reduce time card errors, improve payroll accuracy
  • Deliver field data from Rhumbix into a variety of ERP and accounting software systems


Benchmark & Analyze Performance

End-to-end visibility from the field to the home office

  • Dig into details of performance and actual unit rates
  • Avoid costly fines due to crew composition
  • Know before a budget is blown by verifying labor is tracking as planned
  • Know exactly which projects and cost codes are making or losing money



Make quicker, more confident decisions to drive productivity

  • Spot production issues and drill down to reveal the root cause
  • Foremen and home office have insight into delays or problems as they occur
  • Foremen receive the feedback they need to drive production

Companies that
Rely on Rhumbix

See what our partners and customers have to say about the Rhumbix experience.

“Our team has been very impressed with the level of service provided by Rhumbix. Their mission of workers first truly shows with how easy it is for a T&M tag to be generated on their mobile device. The data is the real power provided by the Rhumbix platform. Our users are able to harvest and input their data into the system in a very user friendly format; once the information is harvested from the field the platform allows our team to gain deeper insight to better drive our Project.”

Andrew Cameron

Area Superintendent Hensel Phelps

Rhumbix has allowed our field employees to spend more time on our construction projects instead of creating time sheets.  The Rhumbix implementation and support team are world class.

CFO at a Top 5 ENR Specialty Contractor

“Rhumbix is a powerful tool for our company, not only saving time and simplifying our process but tracking and documenting valuable information. Rhumbix delivers a straightforward user interface making it easy to get the tool set up and make any needed changes to keep up with all the variables in construction. As for our Formen, Rhumbix helps them see the value of what they are building with production tracking. The Rhumbix team has been responsive friendly and extremely helpful in the whole process from the start.”

Dan Henerie

President, Tactic Construction

Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform

Watch this video explainer and get a quick understanding of what the Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform can do for you!

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