Rhumbix real-time cost coding is now available on the Procore App Marketplace.

On Wednesday, Procore announced the expansion of their App Marketplace with 25 new partner integrations. Rhumbix is thrilled to have our labor productivity and workforce management tools fully integrated with Procore.

Procore launched their App Marketplace this past February, providing an open API for applications to plug into the Procore platform. This new batch of partners will enable Procore users to connect to variety of construction technology, including a variety of solutions from BIM to data warehousing and analytics, Rhumbix, and many others.

Construction sites are arguably the most complex generators of data on the planet, and yet the majority of projects today still run on tedious, paper-based processes. As as result, data collected has been largely inaccessible, if collected at all. As demand for new technology and methods to better capture this data arise, we expect to see more partnerships form between the growing number of solutions for the field and the home office. It’s no longer a matter of if technology makes it onto construction sites; it is now a matter of when.

As the construction industry takes steps into a more digitized environment, we believe integrations and partnerships like ours with Procore will be vital to the rapid and effective deployment of new technology, and — most importantly — make adoption easier for workers.

By combining two technologies seamlessly into one, both Rhumbix and Procore will see more successful deployments on construction sites. Go to our integration page in the Procore App Marketplace to watch a how-to video and learn more about how to get started with our real-time cost coding and timekeeping.